A thought for food


It has taken me a wee while to come up with something to write about, and like any other scientist, I have been trained to be objective in my writing. That needs to end now. So I will try my hardest to be more opinionated and let you know what I think and feel whilst blogging.

I want to write about things I know and I am familiar with, and even just things I want to know while connecting it to a bit of science, hopefully, making it understandable for everyone. Since I have a background in anatomy and I enjoy eating, what better thing to write about than these two?

I’ll yarn about the good,bad and ugly foods and how they may affect your body, from cravings to allergies to intolerances to cultural differences in food and really anything that’s interesting in this area! It is also an excuse for me to rant about the foods I LOVE and dislike. No this isn’t a dieting blog, I have never been on a diet, so I am the worst person to talk about any of that.

I do hope you enjoy and I am as chilled as your fridge and would love to know what’s in your fridge and in your head.



2 thoughts on “A thought for food

  1. This is awesome Marama! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while too but have the same issues as you had, I’m too well trained in writing like a scientist argh! Maybe I’ll get some inspiration from you 🙂 Good luck with the Masters!

  2. Thanks Sam 🙂 You should definitely do it while you’re going through PhD! It’s a challenge but so rewarding. I hope everything is going great in Auckland!

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