I hate tomatoes

Tomato Tamater- either way, I hate tomatoes.

I have no time for them. They are evil, and should not be allowed on my plate ever- EVER.

That may be a little over board, but  I did, however, come across a page dedicated to ‘Tomato haters’- check it out


So, why have some of us come to the point of hating foods like tomatoes? Is it psychological? biological?

I wanted to know more about it, because I have tomato issues.

I don’t like them whole, sliced, diced, cooked or anything that makes it still look like a tomato. However, I LOVE tomato sauce, tomato pasta sauce, tomato paste… That may be due to the added preservatives, but again- I have toma


to issues.

So when did this happen? Was it a food allergy/intolerance?

My mother did say I use to break out into hives whenever I ate tomatoes (yeah I was that kid). I have read that some people feel a bit gassy, bloated or even worse get DIARRHEA (eww). So this led me on my quest to finding out more about the How? and Why?

One particular article I found (1), mentions that food intolerances are actually more common than food allergies (really didn’t know the distinct difference).Food intolerances apparently

result from a defect in your digestive system. So a gland organ near your stomach called the ‘pancreas’ produces a tonne of enzymes that break down the food in your intestine. The enzymes break down proteins, starches, carbohydrates and sugars.

So really, people who are ‘tomato intolerant’ (if that is the right term) don’t produce enough of these enzymes to breakdown the tomatoes leaving you with well, a whole lot of tomato juice and mush in your intestine. That ‘gassy’ feeling some people get is from the interaction of these unbreakable tomato bits with the natural bacterium in your intestine lining. The Bacteria form gassy by-products making you feel somewhat below par. So if anything (or anyone) ever makes you feel THAT BAD, of course you’re not going to like them.

This still doesn’t explain why I use to get hives as a child. Maybe an allergic reaction?

So I figured I may have the enzymes that break the tomatoes down in my stomach BUT my body just doesn’t agree with it. I did find a site (2) explaining how our usually amazing immune systems, sometimes, don’t always get it right, and in my case- a very hypersensitive immune system which will attack ANY ‘foreign’ substance entering my body, like they do to fight off viruses/diseases. In this case, tomatoes are considered ‘foreign’ and ‘harmful’ to my body, so my own body’s army attacks it and reacts like it has a damn disease (thanks body), which means I end up looking like a bright red tomato (Ha! See what I did there?).

Fortunately, I grew out of that (guessing my immune system took a walk on the wild side and toughened up a little) BUT I think my brain likes to remind me of what I went through as a child. Sort of like ‘classical condition’ in a mice lab, when you associate something mundane like a tapping sound with a  horrible stimulus (electric shock), the mice eventually learn that every time that tapping sound occurs, they will be shocked. In my case, every time I see tomatoes, my brain associates it with the bad reaction I use to get as a child. Hmm maybe.

So right now, my tomato issue is probably psychological. So any tomato in its natural form I cannot stand, but please if you’re cooking Italian food with tomato pasta sauce, I’ll have it all!

I hope one day, I can tolerate a little tomato in my salad or sandwich. I have taken the first step, and purchased my first tomato last month. Well, it wasn’t for me.

One day.

20130314_184522dead tomato

(1) http://www.livestrong.com/article/546076-tomato-intolerance-and-digestive-symptoms/

(2) http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/human-biology/allergy.htm

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