Other brain foods

So this is only an extension of my last post- which talks about the brain food fish (in sushi) and what part of the fish makes it good for us.

Other foods I found that people claim can BOOST YOUR BRAIN POWER. (I still haven’t discovered my secret brain power), include the following:

Chocolate: According to an article (1), where they cited a study from Italy that looked at the connection between high cognitive ability and chocolate consumption, according to this study- there is a connection- Interesting, however they go on to say that consuming chocolate WHEN you’re on a calorie-controlled and nutrition-balanced diet, chocolate has the ability to improve cognitive function. Yeah I’m not really buying it, but maybe if you want to read more, check this link out (see below (1)).

-Tomatoes: Yeah, look I’m not even going to go there (see my second post titled “I hate tomatoes”)

-Nuts and seeds:  They provide you with a good source of Vitamin E which has been correlated with less cognitive decline in old people (2), which I actually think is pretty good. I eat the stuff all the time when I’m studying hard for exams. So I rate nuts. (Yay go nuts)

Others include popcorn (which I’m still unsure HOW), avocado and whole-grain foods.

Overall, I think that including a bit of everything in your diet is KEY- there isn’t the one food type that’s going to help you solve that algebra problem faster or make you work on that essay efficiently. I think the message here is “all in moderation”.

AND again, like my mum says DRINK PLENTY OF FLUID- but even too much water consumption can lead to over-hydration. Right, I’ll stop.

Happy eating in moderation everyone


(1) http://www.naturalnews.com/037897_brain_food_chocolate_cacao.html#ixzz2OEn2ueux

(2) http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/eat-smart-healthier-brain


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