Beans produce gas

Why do foods like beans and broccoli make you feel gassy?

Beans and broccoli contain sugars that the body cannot break down. These sugars are called

Brocolli_(4701218202)“flatulence factors” to fart-researchers (yes they exist). One of these sugars are ‘raffinose’. So when you eat foods like beans or brocolli, these sugars cannot be broken down in your stomach and gets pushed through to your intestines.

There are millions of bacteria in your intestine (these are good bacteria), and they feed off these sugars which results of them producing a lot of gassy by-products. There is only one way out for this gas- you guessed it!

So, why can’t humans digest sugars like raffinose?

It’s another case of ‘lack of enzyme’ to break the sugars down

(it’s similar with people who are lactose in-tolerant or glucose in-tolerant). Your body just doesn’t have the right enzymes to break these sugars down in your stomach, so it gets moved onto your intestines and this is where they interact with your good old bacteria producing that smelly gas!

Here is a really cool youtube video talking about how sprouts can make you fart!


2 thoughts on “Beans produce gas

  1. Good to know. I eat lots of broccoli and beans lol. Growing up my friends and I used to say, “Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot.” I have no idea where we got it from.

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