Here is one most of us Kiwi kids can relate to- Marmite!

I’m not really the biggest fan of marmite. Now if you don’t know what marmite taste like, I will try my best at describing it for you. A bitter, tangy smooth sticky spread that looks like dried up oil on the Gulf of Mexico (or Tauranga Harbour- if you wanna get local).

It was absolutely ridiculous it even made New Zealand headlines that the production of marmite had ceased due to damage caused by the earthquake in Christchurch. Even the Prime Minister made a television appearance to calm the nation. Ah, first world problems.

Nearly 6 months after production stopped,New Zealanders were rushing to supermarket shelves to buy the very last stock of marmite. Taking photos of their marmited-toast and the famous marmite & chip sandwiches, then posting them on social media networks (I hate food photos- I did take one in my life and I apologise to all my friends who had to see the amazing roast I cooked, but it was important). Seriously, it made me wonder if people even liked it or they were only enjoying the fact they had one of the last marmite supplies in NZ.

I wanted to know why people were going crazy all of a sudden over the loss of marmite. Is it something to do with the fact its a NZ product? Is it a childhood attachment?

Or is it there something so good about marmite, we can’t resist?

“Scientists” label marmite as a “superfood”.

I dove into the depths of my knowledge system which I like to call google, and found that marmite is really made up of left over yeast by-products discarded from breweries (gross). So really in beer factories, all the left over mushy yeast stuff is transferred over to the marmite factory- Mmm sounds appealing.


They make a paste from the left over liquid by adding a lot of salt and more processing to get that smooth, shiny texture we are familiar with, which still reminds me of oil.  It is claimed that marmite is rich in a lot of vitamins, especially Vitamin B, however, during its processing more vitamins and so-called “minerals” are added to it- apparently this is why the Danish government wanted it banned.

The good thing about marmite (obviously not so much the taste), is its NIACIN-rich properties- a vitamin that is lacked from normal human diets- which a deficiency can lead to a tonne of issues for your body, including scurvy. Including niacin in your diet can help boost the body’s defences against staphylococcus bacteria. Really it is great for your immune system!

It also contains folic acid, now if you have been in hibernation for the past decade, there was the big debate about putting folic acid into all our breads to prevent unborn-babies from developing neural tube defects, marmite apparently can provide you with the essential amount of folic acid to also prevent this from happening. So if you’re trying for a baby (this can only work for females-sorry lads), maybe a bit of marmite in your diet could help with your baby’s neural development.

As the saying goes, you either “love it or hate it”- I am not crazy about it, in fact I found a container of marmite only half-eaten, I actually don’t remember purchasing it, so I’m assuming a flatmate of mine purchased it 2 years ago- Safe? Yes. Other marmite studies say it takes over so many years for the marmite to decompose. So I will wait for the next shut down of the marmite factory and sell this black gold to some sucker muahaha!

When I do have marmite (as a last resort), I like mine to not dominate my toast or bread, and include a little more marge to dilute the strong taste of the over-powering marmite.

Now that production has commenced I’m expecting some great artistic photos from my friends of their marmite on toast. Ah thanks guys!



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