Bread Crust Prevents Bowel Cancer?


I was thinking of getting a perm one day but wanted to save some money so decided to go on a bread crust binge, unfortunately, I was told that bread crust giving you curly hair is a complete lie! My life is a lie after hearing this, from the carrots giving you night-vision and now this! Another painful stab to my childhood…..but I wonder if bread crust has any real purpose or health benefit?

I went off search for the truth about crust, and this is what I found, which was a little surprising.

The crusty bits on bread actually contain “powerful antioxidants” that apparently combat cancer WOW, okay I’m a little sceptical on this one, but I’ll try my best to understand how and why this might be .

In 2009, ‘The Telegraph’ in the UK reported that the antioxidant called ‘pronyl-lysine’ is released during the baking process of bread, which apparently can prevent the development of bowel cancer, which is one of the most common cancers in the developed world.

A couple of scientists in Germany actually discovered this, and other scientists in Indian found that rats who were consuming this antioxidant were at lower risks of developing lesions in the colon compared to those who were not on the same antioxidant rich diet

The antioxidant is 8 times more abundant in the crust than the rest of the loaf. This may also be another reason why wholemeal bread is much healthier than white bread! 

This study was  published in a prestigious journal reporting on the beneficial properties of bread crust.However, these scientists still could not at this point figure out how much crust you will need to eat to reap the full benefits of the antioxidant, but I could imagine a vast amount of exposure on a daily basis is essential.

“It’s too big a leap to conclude from this study that eating bread crusts could prevent bowel cancer in humans” a Cancer Researcher Nell Barrie explains, and human studies on this do not exist.

So you couldn’t directly link the consumption of bread crust (full of this anti-oxidant) to the prevention of bowel cancer, and well you wouldn’t really want to tell someone who has bowel cancer they didn’t eat enough bread crust. We all eat bread (most of us anyway), and I am sure many bowel cancer patients do too, so as lovely as the thought of bread crust saving us from cancer is, we cannot completely rely on such studies.

However, good diet is thought to help protect against the disease and eating high-fibre foods, such as wholemeal bread, is already recommended to reduce the risks.

Like everything else, regular exercise and cutting down on everything bad in this world including alcohol and exposure to reality TV should be done in moderation.




One thought on “Bread Crust Prevents Bowel Cancer?

  1. Growing up my father always told me the crust was the best part of the bread lol. I think he said that to stop me wasting it. In fact, i reminded him about it recently (a few months ago), and he just smiled :). I’m going to share this info. with him. We’ll have another chuckle; and he’ll be pleased to know that he was actually right.

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