Celery strengthens your bones

Here is a video of a bunny eating celery

Apium graveolens or ‘celery’ which resembles the shape and length of the radial bone in the arm. Ironically, eating celery is really good for your bones.bone

Now, I’m not a celery hater in anyway, but I’ve noticed these past few months, celery popping up in my soups, stir-fry meals and even burgers I’ve purchased from the University cafeteria. If its not needed, don’t add it, I say! Celery, be gone!

Rant over-

So a large stalk of celery contains a tonne (18.8 mg to be exact) of vitamin K. Now Vitamin K is important for blood clotting and has been found to play a role in calcium usage by your bones, which help to prevent fractures whilst strengthening them.

Scientists have shown that a lot of Vitamin K is associated with greater bone density and low levels of it correspond with osteoporosis (which means “porous bones”), which increase the risk of you having fractures.

Celery is also packed with a tonne of calcium too (more than Vitamin K) which we all know is so good for the bones.

What I always like discovering are these “super foods” that seem to have special substances that can fight against cancer.

For instance, celery contains a substance called ‘apigenin’ (which is also found in parsley) that have been found by scientists to induce death in breast cancer cells in mice. The scientists who ran this study also found that in ‘apigenic’-mice, the blood vessels responsible for these cancer cells shrunk in diameter, meaning less blood flow to these cells, basically starving them of their nutrients.

So there are some pretty cool studies on this, although they are in early stages, its comforting to know that scientists are looking at Mother Earth to investigate some of the biggest problems and issues mankind faces.

Also, celery is commonly labelled as a “negative calorie” food. Every stalk of celery contains about 5 or so “food” calories, but it takes about the same amount of calories to digest it which it some sense cancels it out BUT this means you are not giving your body the fuel it needs. So don’t be silly, eating celery alone as a source of energy is not good or healthy eating, I’m no diet expert, but I definitely know what keeps me going through the day, and if you are like the rabbit in the video that sits around doing nothing all day, then go for it. Otherwise, cover order yourself a tub of peanut butter and you’re away!

“Eating celery to lose weight is like trying to build a mountain by transferring specks of sand one by one” -FitDay

That’s it for the celery story.






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