Foods That Make You Sleepy

1. Honey

Sweet, heavenly and sticky honey. Yes, something that has been used by a number of different cultures for a variety of reasons.

Humans have been collecting honey for over 10,000 years and not just for its sweetening purposes either. The oldest evidence of honey being collected by humans has been traced back to a cave in beautiful Valencia, Spain, which I hope to visit one day.

The Egyptians used it as a form of currency (similar to gold) which they mixed into wines and offered it to their superiors and gods.Germans have used it to sweeten alcoholic beverages such as mead, cider and beer, and the Indigenous people of US America used it to preserve fruit and as a base for herbal medicines, what some of you may not know it can actually help you sleep at night.

Honey contains glucose, which tells your brain to stop making a chemical known as orexin,which is known to trigger alertness. So if you’re having sleeping issues and want to get some rest, take a teaspoon of honey an hour before bed, that should do the trick.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal for breakfast is a lot more common than oatmeal for bed, but according to research, it can actually help you go to sleep. The famous Dr Oz explains on his website that the typical cereal grain is made from the herb Avena sativa. This herb is known in traditional medicine to have a calming and “soothing” effect on your nervous system, in terms of coping with stress stimulants in your body.

Interestingly enough, ‘Avena sativa’ is also known as “Nature’s Viagra”, apparently it can increase your libido and is a popular alternative to pharmaceutical erection enhancers. So if you’re feeling down…..and out, perhaps a little oatmeal could help you biologically cope with stressors and sleep better.

3. Almonds

As well as make you feel full (help you eat smaller portions), almonds have been found to induce sleep as well. It is a great source of Magnesium, and Insomnia has been linked to very low levels of Magnesium. It is also known as a “natural tranquillizer” which says a lot. It effective works similar to Avena sativa and is referred to as an anti-stressor. It helps calm the nervous system and allows you to relax your muscles and sleep deeply through the night.

Bravo almonds, you could almost be one of my best super foods! (read my earlier blogs on almonds)


to be continued……

For more information, check out these websites


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