Weird and Rare Food Allergies

I wanted to look at the weirdest and strangest food allergies recorded. You’ll be surprised and maybe unconvinced at first, but trust me dear readers, these are real.

1. Bird/Egg Allergy

It’s exactly what it sounds like, an allergic reaction to birds (feathers, meat, droppings…) and the ingestion of eggs. However, it is mainly developed after repeated exposure to the birds droppings and feathers, so you could imagine this may happen to chicken farmers or any other person exposed to birds frequently (I’m not too sure if this includes bird watchers), but this is weird.

2. Water Allergy

Say what?

Imagine being allergic to water! How is this even possible when about 60% of your body is made up of water! The true name for this condition is ‘aquagenic urticaria’. Michaela Dutton who is a mother, found it difficult to help her crying son as she could not wipe away his tears, because the smallest drop of water on her skin could cause a very painful reaction. When she consumes water, blisters form on her lips and mouth almost instantly. Although, scientists are unable to find the exact trigger, they believe the rashes are caused by histamines, which are chemicals released by mast cells in the skin, when the skin makes contact with water

3. An allergy to cold or room temperature fruit and vegetables

This seems a little funny, but it’s true, some people actually suffer from these allergies. Where eating room temperature fruit causes them to swell, have difficulty breathing and cough a lot. This may be due to the proteins present at room temperature that make contact with these foods and it could also be a related allergy to seasonal pollen allergies. Cooked fruits and vegetables do not seem to affect the the victims of this allergy.

4. Food odour allergies

So there are food allergies and food odour allergies, this may seem a bit weird at first but when you think about it, foods emit chemicals when you cook them, that’s why you are able to smell it! The most common types of food odour allergies are seafood, and the case is usually ‘if you’re allergic to the smell of fish, well you are probably allergic to fish’. People who know they have an allergic reaction to fish probably don’t want to hang out with you while you’re frying up a pan of fish and shellfish. In saying this, food odour allergies are extremely rare.

5. Allergic to nearly everything in the supermarket

This poor child Tyler can only eat a small variety of foods, including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Anything else in the kitchen pantry will cause a severe allergic reaction in Tyler’s body, from vomiting to bleeding. Doctors are baffled at how this is possible, and as an infant, Tyler couldn’t even drink his own mother’s breast milk.

If you know of any weird or rare food allergies please share!

To read more about Tyler click the following link:

And the other allergies, check out the links below:


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