Three of the Healthiest Countries

Great news, we are living longer lives compared to a century ago but this doesn’t mean we’re living to our full potential. With busier lives and the convenience of fast-food chains, we seem to rely on these instead of cooking at home. The obesity rates in the developed world are frightening, but I’m not gonna talk about that. I want to look at the healthiest people in the world by exploring three countries with the healthiest lifestyles- and you could argue they live happy lives too. Take a look.


I have referred to Japan a few times in my blogs, so it seems appropriate to mention them in this. They have been rated by the World Health Organisation as most healthiest country in the world. Much of this is due to their fish-rich diet. The general life expectancy of those who live in Japan is 82.5 years. They are the largest consumers of fish (Omega-3 rich diets) as well as soy and green tea. Sushi being one of the most popular Japanese foods in the Western World. Ahh- fortunately I love seafood, I could actually live in Japan for this reason.


Surprised? Same! Well Iceland has a very small population, and this could be the reason why it’s one of the cleanest and least polluted countries. The citizens of Iceland are considered active gym-goers, mainly to beat the winter blues. Nearly as high as Japan, the life expectancy of Icelanders is 82.36 years. They also have the lowest infant mortality rate (2 infants per 1,000 babies).


The most common Italian foods are olive oil, legumes, fish and fresh produce in Italy and when pizzas and pastas are made traditionally- they provide great health benefits. Italians are especially famous for their high consumption of olive oil, which can actually lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. To add to this, olive oil has recently been connected to reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. So you could say this combined with a healthy lifestyle would contribute to the average Italian’s elongated lifespan. Life expectancy: 82.09 years (in 2011). Pizza, pasta and red wine (why not?), Italians are living it up!

So I guess what we can take from these countries are things we might already know.

1.Cook at home more often (Italian styles- go and take a class or something)

2.Go and workout- even when its cold (Come on Icelanders do it!) No cold shall stand in your way of getting that bikini bod- even if no one is gonna see it

3.Eat a lot of fish and seafood! Fortunately for me I love my seafood and I am going to say it a hundred times- I just need to give 1 and 2 a go.,_2008.jpg


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