Red stimulates hunger

Ever noticed fast food outlets use the colour red for their signs?

(KFC, Pizza Hut and Maccas just to name a few)

This wasn’t an accident. These guys knew exactly what they were doing. When you see the colour red, what do you associate it with? blood? tomatoes? roses? anger? stop signs?

Humans have come to associate colours with actions, objects and feelings. We emotionally react to the colour red (same with blue), I’m not perfectly sure why, but I will try my best to understand and tell you guys about it.

Several psychological studies have found that red is associated with appetite, so when most of us see the colour red, our appetites increase as well as out heart rate, perhaps why red is associated with “sexy” things as well, but basically these food outlets have made the most of this information and used it to have inexpensive but powerful ways to draw customers in to dine with them.

What I’m trying to say is this ‘colour perception is built in you on how you react or feel the way you do about certain colours . All your life experiences and learnings have led to this. For example, you might associate red with danger as well (fire is red and it is bad and dangerous) and that green means good (nature, go sign and so on).

One study also showed that sometimes the colour of a kick boxers uniform may affect the perception of judges and competitors on those kick boxers. The study showed that judges perceived that the fighter wearing red won more fights than the fighter in blue. Even when these fighters swapped colours, it was still perceived the same.

So back to red stimulating appetite. I’m not entirely sure how or why this is, but it definitely does influence our appetites, even if you don’t notice it. Another explanation is you don’t eat foods that are blue right? A lot of the food we do it is associated with red (meat, fruits and vegetables). So maybe the next time you see blue food (blue cheese?) you might not feel as hungry as you were. Blue food is unnatural and therefore your brain is not use to processing that as real food.

I always wondered why I was never really attracted to food outlets that were painted in cream or white- for some reason I associate these colours with bathrooms and hospitals.

So maybe if you’re trying to avoid these places, you could wear those funky purple round glasses (like the BeeGees did) and mask the colour red for the rest of your life. Or you could recondition/brainwash yourself to thinking red means go to the gym. Hmm, I might give that one a go.

If you want to know more check out the link below:


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