Sexy foods

What do asparagus, garlic, eggs, oyster and almonds all have in common? Well apparently,they put you in the mood and help blood flow to your sexy parts.

So if you’re really struggling to get into someones pants, maybe making a meal with all these ingredients (above) would help? Or possibly a personality change?


A member of the lily family which can put you in a romantic mood. I’m sorry to say though asparagus just aint that sexy. In the 19th century in France, grooms were served aspagarus before- well pudding in bed? and with a little added ginger, the blood will be pumping away in their circulatory system.


I know garlic can be used as an ailment for colds and to add flavour to bland chicken, but who would’ve thought this nasty smelling garlic could act as an aphrodisiac? To be honest, who even discovered its aphrodisiac properties? There are some different people out there.


Well this list is just getting better. Yes you read right, eggs. I guess it is a symbol of the reproductive system, that may be stimulating to some people? Interesting. I have nothing left to say about this one.


Ahh here’s one that’s a little well known. Casanova’s secret, and ever since that time over 200 years ago people have been using oysters to woo their potential lovers. But is there any scientific evidence proving this to be true? and all the rest of these aphrodisiacs? Oysters contain a lot of zinc, which is important in raising testosterone levels in men, but let’s not be silly here, it won’t be as effective as Popeye’s transformation when he eats a can of spinach. Dopamine is also found in oysters and these as we know stimulate arousal in our brains and could actually have an immediate effect. However, you’d have to consume a lot for it to be effective on your libido.

But this is again a subjective thing. Some people might not like the pungent smell of garlic, some might love it. Same goes with the slippery texture of oysters, the smell of cooked eggs. Whatever tickles your fancy.

I could’ve covered the typical aphrodisiacs that we all know of, but what’s the fun in that? If you know of any other interesting ones, let me know! I’d love to share it!

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